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Fitness instructor reveals top 3 gym pet peeves

Posted on January 19th, 2012 No Comments

A fitness instructor recently revealed her top 3 pet peeves at the gym MSN’s TODAY Health.

First, the instructor says she becomes frustrated when gym members and fitness centers do not make enough of an effort to clean up. ¬†“I have enough things to focus on when I’m there; cleanliness shouldn’t be one of them,” says the instructor. ¬†Sanitizing workout areas and equipment keeps the gym pleasant for members and staff.

Second, the fitness instructor says that a dirty and unkempt locker room is equally as unpleasant.  Complaints about the locker room include water puddles around showers and hair in the sink.

Lastly, the instructor says that respect and politeness from gym members and staff are key to creating an enjoyable workout environment.

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