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Wood, marble, and laminate floors are a beautiful addition to any place of business, but the downside is that they must be specially cleaned to maintain their luster.  Professional waxing is a way to protect floors from damage as well as keep them clean. When done frequently and correctly, waxing can preserve the natural appeal of your flooring.

The Austin floor waxing specialists of WOW Janitorial Services are proud to offer high-quality waxing services to our Austin area customers.  Contact our offices at 512-656-6569 for information about our floor waxing services and to speak to a custodial professional about your needs today.

The Benefits of Floor Waxing

Our custodial team is dedicated to detailed work that suits the unique demands of each facility.  At WOW Janitorial Services we are available to protect your business’s marble, hardwood, and laminate floors by offering professional floor waxing.  The benefits of this service include:

  • Protection from spills- Spills are inevitable in almost any space and can cause permanent damage to floors if not cleaned properly.  In order to minimize this potential destruction it is helpful to provide your floors with a protective shield of wax.
  • Scratch prevention- Wax serves as a line of defense for scratches from heavy furniture, dirt, and debris that may be pulled across the floor.
  • Aesthetic appeal- After a professional waxing, the floors in your office space may exhibit a shine and appeal that is not available to floors with the wear and tear of regular business.

While some floors may require regular waxing maintenance to maintain an attractive quality, some only need an occasional treatment.  Consult with an Austin cleaning professional to gain a better understanding of our services, the needs of your floors, and the many ways we can help.

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At WOW Janitorial Services we are ready to meet your flooring needs.  Our experience team can help to extend the life of your floors and improve their appearance by providing a high-quality floor wax.  Contact the Austin janitorial professionals at 512-656-6569 to set up an appointment with a knowledgeable custodial specialist today.

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